Debut album by Pat Bedeau From The Mind Of

Bedfunk are proud to announce the release of Pat Bedeau’s Debut Album, From The Mind Of. 

Pat Bedeau has been making waves on the soulful underground over the past few years and is set to take things to the next level as he reveals his brilliant debut artist album ‘From The Mind Of’ on his own Bedfunk label. ‘From The Mind Of’ features some brilliant collaborations with vocalists and musicians including The Self Love Witch, Leon Dorrill, hugely acclaimed UK saxophonist Finn Peters, Carrie Remington and Nicky Prince. Sporting a vibrant cross section of tracks, ‘From The Mind Of’ sees Pat cook up a feast of lovingly penned soulful songs, deep and bumping grooves to delicious jazzy house gems for all to enjoy!

“I’m so pleased to be able to put out my debut album on my own label. When I set up Bedfunk, this was always the aim, so it is a nice milestone to reach. For ‘The Mind Of’ is an organic album created for the dance floor, but very listenable with plenty of messages in the lyrics. I wanted to creatively document my production path through house music from the soulful beginnings to my much tougher late night sounds.” – Pat Bedeau.

‘From The Mind Of’ Album will be released on Traxsource promo 12th April / Full release 10th May 2019 on Bedfunk.

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